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With a loan, larger desires can be fulfilled in the shortest possible time. It bridges liquidity problems and helps save when used to reschedule old loan contracts with higher interest rates. You save additional costs if you compare the conditions for your new loan in advance.


Compare, but why?

credit loan

With the same loan amount, the conditions of the individual banks can vary extremely. This becomes clear when comparing not only with higher fees, but also with differently high interest rates and the conditions for the repayments. When comparing, the cheapest provider is determined in the credit comparison that best meets the individual requirements. These include the loan term, special repayments and early repayment. By comparison, you can save several hundred euros over the entire term of the loan.


Saving on credit comparison?

credit comparison

If you compare the loan, then you can find a cheap loan that is tailored to you. If the conditions are more favorable than for old liabilities, there is the possibility to replace existing installment payments. Several small loans can be combined into a single loan amount in order to pay them with the cheapest installment loan. The opportunity to reduce debt is particularly worthwhile if the new interest rates are significantly lower than the existing liabilities. If the checking account is encumbered with an overdraft, you will definitely find a cheap loan, because the interest on the overdraft facility is always higher than the credit comparison at over 12 percent.


Credit comparison online

Credit comparison online

Comparing loans and sitting comfortably on the sofa is possible with the online loan comparison. You must enter the desired loan amount and the term in the loan calculator when comparing the loans. Always compare the APR, not the loan borrowing rate. The APR includes all costs and fees for the loan. The first request for a loan comparison is always non-binding. The payment is made within a few days if the corresponding creditworthiness is available.


The credit rating when comparing credit

credit rating when comparing credit

If you want to find a cheap loan, then creditworthiness is required, because the lender wants to get the invested loan amount repaid. A loan without a Schufa comparison is characterized by significantly higher interest rates than another loan. However, the credit comparison also finds cheaper offers for providers without a Schufa exam where an installment loan is worthwhile. Your credit rating does not depend solely on the Schufa. Many lenders accept a second borrower or other private person as a guarantor for the new loan. The collateral deposited can be real estate, a car or fixed securities.


Compare the benefits of a loan

Compare the benefits of a loan

When comparing loans, you will find all the important conditions at a glance. The monthly installments for the installment loan, the target tin and the effective annual interest are visible. The providers offer their special conditions in the credit comparison. This includes breaks in payment by installments, no processing fees and interest rates that are independent of creditworthiness. Some providers advertise with a particularly fast payment or a residual debt insurance. Depending on the comparison calculator, customer reviews are stored. They document the satisfaction of customers who have concluded a loan agreement after the loan comparison.



You can usually find a cheap loan online because the transaction is carried out without talking to a customer advisor. This saves the banks personnel costs that they pass on to their customers. Compare the offers to save costs yourself and optimize your old payment obligations.

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